Vision and Mission

Vision statement

In our quest for academic excellence of international repute, Norbuling Rigter College shall continuously strive to advance relevant education and inspire research that is rooted in the fundamental Bhutanese values to harness the potentials of young minds to flourish into competent, innovative and responsible global citizens.

Mission statement

  1. Provide access to quality education that meets the international standards at a competitive and affordable fee.
  2. Create innovative educational environments, opportunities and experiences that will enable young minds to grow, thrive and flourish.
  3. Offer relevant education and skills of international standard.
  4. Prepare GNH graduates who are competent, innovative and responsible global citizens.
  5. Invest in research and innovation to advance education.
  6. Collaborate in public engagement as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  7. Uphold the Bhutanese values and character as a part of College life.
  8. Nurture the seeds of elegance and potentials innate in each young mind.