Admission for Academic Year 2024-2025 will CLOSE soon.

From the President’s Desk

I am delighted to welcome you (students) to Norbuling Rigter College (NRC), the second private College affiliated with the Royal University of Bhutan. I am proud to tell you that the location of the college amidst pristine woods and large expanse of farmlands and farmhouses and with places of pilgrimages in the proximity makes Norbuling Rigter College a perfect place for learning.

While you are at NRC, we encourage you to strike a healthy balance between your studies and leisure time. The goal of Norbuling Rigter College is to expose you to international ideas but at the same time inspire you to remain grounded in your roots by appreciating and living the Bhutanese values. Towards this end, we recognize that some of the important lessons of your life will be learnt outside the confines of your classroom.

The College Management Team, Faculty and Staff of Norbuling Rigter College will strive to give you the opportunity to spread your wings within a safe and exciting environment. I am hopeful that at the end of your studies you will leave this College with not only a degree, but also with experiences that will help you participate successfully in the competitive job market.

Best of luck with your studies, and I have no doubts that your time at Norbuling Rigter College will be enjoyable and fruitful.