Research and Innovation

To promote research and innovation the college has established College Research Committee and Innovation and Linkages Unit.
The College Research Committee coordinates research publication, organises seminars and workshops and conducts capacity development programmes on research. On the other hand, Innovation and Linkages Unit takes care of innovation and linkages, mostly though external collaboration.
Grounded in the strength of a multi-disciplinary faculty and staff, Norbuling Rigter College has the experience and expertise to offer consulting services in the following areas:
• Socio-economic impact studies.
• Customer Satisfaction survey
• Organizational Climate survey
• Baseline, midline and end line surveys.
• Survey coordination.
• Data analysis (descriptive and inferential).
• Financial analysis.
• Policy analysis.
• Business proposal development.
• Education and curriculum development.
• Website and apps development
• Writing reports, website contents, brochures and other marketing/advocacy materials.
• Editing.


Management: Theory and Practice provides a comprehensive glimpse of the study of management in a simple and lucid style. There is also a deliberate effort to discuss and illustrate diverse aspects of management through case examples from different and relevant contexts. This book will intellectually engage management students and provoke the thoughts of management professionals.
Author of the book Dr. Sourav Basu joined Norbuling Rigter College (NRC) as a Sr. Lecturer in July 2017. He is one of the founding members of NRC. Dr. Sourav Basu is working as an Assistant Professor. He teaches BBA and BCom modules, particularly, General Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management modules.








Ta She Gha Chha, the title of the book is a metaphor for the fundamental characteristic of popular Bhutanese beliefs. It is a documentation of popular beliefs from across Bhutan. It briefly defines the significance of beliefs in the human society. The book puts Bhutanese beliefs into a broader context by briefly looking at some popular beliefs from other cultures.
Karma Pedey, author of Ta She Gha Chha is the head of Innovation and Linkages at NRC. She joined NRC in July 2018 as an English faculty. She was also in the team who worked on the establishment of the College.

















Author of Fundamentals of Cost Accounting and Fundamentals of Management Accounting, Dr. H.V Jhamb joined Norbuling Rigter College in July 2018 as Professor to teach Accounting modules.
The Fundamentals of Management Accounting and Fundamentals of Cost Accounting is a student-friendly book with Recapitulation Points for quick Review as well as Theoretical and Numerical exercisers. Both the books are used in various Indian Universities and Management Institutes. Further, Fundamentals of Cost Accounting is also referred to by the post-graduate students in some universities in India. It is also used by students aspiring for Teaching Job in India at College/University level for quick review just before NET/JRF Examination conducted by UGC.