Abundance Mindset Venture

NRC strongly believes in fostering a mindset of ABUNDANCE. It is born from the belief that there is plenty resources and successes to share – enough to spare for everybody. Thus, the idea of “Abundance Mindset Venture: Sponsor a Student to fulfill his or her dream of pursuing Tertiary Education” blossoms from our hope that corporate and private entities have enough to spare to  facilitate at least one student each to fulfill his/her dream of pursuing tertiary education. Right from its first year of establishment, given all the limitations and challenges of a new small growing college, NRC stands tall in providing 15 scholarships currently. We are driven forward by our belief that abundance mindset opens new doors to possibilities, alternatives and creativity. And helps us to realize our own personal worth. It is only when one begins to give, one truly begins to live a life that is unlimited, full and satisfying.

Visibility of the Sponsor: As we explore further into the world we actually discover that difficulties stem from our own scarcity mindset in perceiving that our resources (money, opportunity, time, recognition are limited). Thus, to break this mindset and usher in ABUNDANCE MINDSET, one could take full advantage of and create new opportunities that come your way. Feel plentiful and creative. Get involved in noble ventures such as the one NRC offers. Remember, besides realizing your own Corporate Social Responsibility, you could also be investing in your own lifelong Goodwill Ambassadors. It is a smartest way of branding your organization as you get the benefit of winning a Visibility Spot in the College website, College face bookCapture in College Profile…..

Abundance Mindset Venture 2021

Norbuling Rigter College launched its Abundance Minset Venture programme on 18 May 2020 by signing an agreement with iDesire who offered one full scholarship and one 50% scholarship where the other 50% will be covered by Norbuling Rigter College. iDesire also committed to employ the candidates when they graduate in June 2024. Both the candidates are studying in Business Programme. The candidates are:

  1. Mr. Sonam Penor from Bongo, Chhukha secured the scholarship which is jointly sponsored by iDesire (50%) and NRC(50%).
  2. Ms. Sonam Zam from Haa secured the second scholarship which is 100% sponsored by iDesire.