Student Facilities

Residences: All the residences are located in the proximity of the academic block, library, dining hall and games facilities. Each room accommodates four to five students and has independent toilet and a bathroom with geyser.  Students are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of these facilities and ensuring the cleanliness of their residence.  All the student residences are also connected with internet facilities. Residence Tutors and Residence Coordinators provide support and ensures the safety of the residents.

Dinning Hall: Boarder students are provided breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.  Day Scholars also join for lunch. The student representatives in the Mess Committee ensure that wholesome meals are served. Once every month, the Mess serves Meal of the Month. Plates, cups and water jugs are provided by the Collee Mess and are washed by cleaners. Meals are served in buffet style and students serve their own food. Staff join the students for meals on payment of a nominal charge.






Laundry: Laundry facility is located close to student residences. It is open at all hours.








Stationery: The College stationery shop provides printing, binding, laminating and photocopying facilities. Books, stationery items and gifts to cater to the needs of students, staff and office are available. It also keeps souvenirs.

Café and cafeteria: Staff and students can relax and enjoy the café managed by a group od student entrepreneurs and a cafeteria managed by a private operator. The College Management and the student Governance Body ensures that the rates, services and hygiene are maintained as reflected in their Terms of Reference.