Student Services

Counseling: Both staff and students can avail the services of the College Counsellor who offers both academic and non-academic counseling. The College staff also support and advise students and provide personal attention to direct the students on the right track of their personal and academic development.

BoB Connect: NRC is an authorized BoB Connect agent. Thus, cash transaction services can be availed anytime during business hours by staff and students.






Bus service: Pick and drop service is arranged for day scholar students. Staff living outside the college campus also avail this service.









Health services: The college has an Infirmary with a Health Assistant (HA). All minor health problems are treated by the HA. This facility enables the College to offer timely care. Serious health problems are referred to Paro Dzongkhag Hospital which is about 25 minutes’ drive from the College.







Library: The library is committed to foster information literacy and enhance teaching, learning and research by maintaining relevant learning resources and offering quality services. It also offers access to online resources.



ICT: The whole campus is connected with Wi-Fi and off-load facilities.  Students can access internet in the classrooms, library and student residences as well as outdoor.

Currently, there are two computer labs, mainly for computer classes. A separate room with desktop computers facilities is open for general use of students. For those with their own laptops, students can use the discussions rooms and library.

College underscores the high importance of investing in technology and using it to harness the potentials of the students.

The college uses Google Classroom which has many facilities to support teaching learning process as well as keeping the students and teachers connected. The parents can also use it to get updates on their children using codes assigned to each student which will also be shared with the parents.

Learner support: The College offers the following support to the students:

      • Internship: As per the requirements of the programme structure, all the students receive opportunities to work in organizations as interns. The College facilitates the internship programme to ensure that students benefit the most.
      • Engagements in research and consultancy: The College undertakes research and consultancy projects through participation in public tenders and submission of proactive proposals to organziations. Students are engaged where relevant to carry out field work, conduct mini-literature reviews and data management.
    • Working with community: In the environs of the college, there is a large community of farmers and few shopkeepers. The college facilitates and creates platform for students to immerse in the community life and learn.
    • Consultation Hour: Each faculty offers dedicated consultation hours for students to meet them and seek clarification and academic support.