Student Governance Body

The College encourages student representation in its management. Student leaders represent the student body in different committees and forums.

Student Presidents: The Student Presidents (One male and one female) are elected by the student body. The staff are also given right to vote since these leaders are the face of the College.

Coordinators: The Coordinators are mostly elected while few become Coordinator by default of being in a club member. They manage different student activities and represent the student body in the Student Mess, Games and Sports, cultural activities and in decision making. They ensure that co-curricular activities are organized to keep the students meaningfully engaged. The Coordinators also act as a check and balance mechanism to ensure the quality of facilities and services provided by the college.

Academic and Class Representatives: These representatives are elected and they support the Office of the Dean by ensuing the academic standards and requirements are fulfilled by the module tutors. They also ensure that the necessary academic resources and support is provided by the College and the faculty.