Clubs and Forums

Forum for Students’ Voice (FSV): Chaired by the Student President and with other student leaders as members, the FSV is the highest decision-making forum of the students. All the concerns and issues that matter to the students are voiced out in the forum and presented to the College Management Team by the Student President. The FSV ensures that the voices of the students are heard and necessary interventions are made by the College Management Team.  A faculty serves as Staff Advisor.

Clubs and Forums: The college encourages and supports students to form clubs and forums which will become a platform to interact, learn, grow and live a meaningfully engaged college life. There are several clubs led by student leaders and supported by student members. The relevancy and usefulness of clubs and forums are discussed in the FSV and proposed to CMT for endorsement.

Rigter LINK: This platform provides opportunity to kindle reverence to Jampelyang, loyalty to our King, Country and People, enthusiasm to network and keenness to learn and grow. Staff and students gather once a week to stay informed about the developments in the College and stay linked.

Tendrel Gawa: Norbuling Rigter College strives to harness the goodness in each individual student and prepare the young minds to bloom into responsible individuals. Thus, Tendrel Gawa initiative is a pathway towards preparing young minds by facilitating students and staff to meet and support one another in true openness. The idea is founded on the concept of “Tendrel” and “Gawa” which means “Auspicious Interdependence” and “Joy” respectively. Therefore, the Tendrel Gawa initiative underscores the truth that we all are interdependent and together we can rejoice by harnessing the goodness within ourselves and by drawing positive energy from one another. One staff and a group of students form a Tendrel Gawa group. The group plan their own activity and support one another.