How to Apply?

Online Application

Part one: For those who had not registered

  1. Visit and register online (even from your smart phone).
  2. Admission Team will verify if you meet the entry requirements.
  3. You will receive a response within two working days.

Part two: For those eligible for admission

  1. Visit, fill the form and submit online.
  2. Deposit your Nu. 25,000 admission confirmation fee which is non-refundable in the NRC account in the nearest bank. Write full name of Student as depositor for verification. This is to confirm your admission.
  3. Account details are: Norbuling Rigter College, (BNB  A/c No. 0100053850001, BOB A/c No. 201001110).
  4. Send scanned or photographed copy of the deposit slip.
  5. Your admission will be confirmed only on making the required payment.
  6. For any queries call: 08-271313 or Mobile: 77766506/17363549/17730477

Application Check List

  • Copy of Class XII Certificate and Mark Sheet (original will be verified at the time of reporting).
  • Copy of CID or for those without CID send letter received from Immigration/Census & Civil Registration (original will be verified).
  • Two recent Passport photograph (May be submitted at the time of reporting).
  • Copy of Deposit slip of payments made to College OR print out of online deposit message (Original to be submitted at the time of reporting).