Rigter Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Auspiciousness (Tendrel) is an important fabric of Bhutanese life. Therefore, all the papers of this inaugural publication of Rigter Journal of Multidisciplinary Research are contributed by faculty of Norbuling Rigter College. Eight papers are in English and one paper is in Dzongkha.
The research papers are categorised under three broad themes which are People and Society, Finance and Management and Education. The research papers discuss issues that matter to the community. Some papers records and analyses the socio-cultural and spiritual aspects of some identified localities of Paro. Some papers also present analysis of national and international matters while some proposes new ways of doing things. I am confident that the audience will savour reading the papers in this inaugural issue of Rigter Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. I am hopeful that the readers will get fresh insights from these papers.
From the next issue, Rigter Journal of Multidisciplinary Research will welcome research paper contributions by researchers from other colleges and organizations. Gradually, Rigter Journal of Multidisciplinary Research aspires to mature into a peer-reviewed journal and also move from annual to bi-annual publication.

Tandin Dorji
Managing Editor

                                                                 ISSN 2960-1037 (P)

Table of Contents

1. Constructs of happiness: lessons from Royal Addresses and Decrees.   Tshering Wangchuk

2. Legacies of Neyphug. Thinley Namgay

3. གཙོ༌མོ༌བཀྲ༌ཤིས་་་་རི་་མ་་རར།    Pema Tshering

4. Role of Tertiary Educational Institutions to address the challenges faced by Entrepreneurs.   Dipan Pradhan and Namrata Pradhan

5. Waste Management Practices: A case study of Phooshar Chiwog.   Dr. Tshering Phuntsho and Dr. Aaditya Pradhan

6. Role of Banks in Bhutanese Economy.   Dr. Aaditya Pradhan and Pramanda Dhital

7. Post-Independence Bhutan-India Economic Relations.    Jamtsho and Dr. H.V. Jhamb

8. Shedtho: Weaving Bhutanese approach to data collection method.   Karma Pedey

9. Old Wine in a New Bottle: Reflections on the Undergraduate Research modules offered in RUB Colleges.    Dr. Tandin Dorji