Core Values

Core Values:

NRC will practice and uphold the following SMART (Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Realistic and Time bound) values. These values will inspire the formation of NRC’s organizational behavior.

  1. Wellbeing: In our aspiration to promote wellbeing of its staff and students, we treat one another with utmost respect and invest in policies, facilities and services that create conducive environment for NRC family to be happy.
  2. Accountability: In our determination to discharge our responsibilities with integrity, the staff and students shall act with dedication and obligation by being answerable for our words and actions.
  3.  Transparency:  In our drive to keep the NRC family informed of all the happenings that concerns the members of the institution, the staff and students shall share the decisions and actions taken through relevant, appropriate and professional channels of communication.
  4.  Team spirit: In our pursuit to capitalize on the power of team spirit, the staff and students shall collaborate and contribute as a proactive member of the NRC family, support one another and respect diversity to reap collective potentials and excellence.
  5.  Innovation: In our search to innovate and create, the staff and students shall promote an organizational culture that honors creativity and innovation and shall always endeavor to be inquiring and experimenting with new ways of doing things by investing in research and development.
  6. Excellence: In our quest for excellence, we shall endeavor to establish and maintain the highest standards of professionalism in the responsibilities that we are entrusted with.
  7. Organizational character: In our goal to create an identity for NRC, all the policies and activities of the college shall be inspired by the fundamental Bhutanese ethos.