The Hon’ble Chairperson of the National Council visits NRC




















For a young growing college like NRC, the visit from the Hon’ble Chairperson of the National Council not only boosted our confidence in our journey forward but was indeed a thirst-quenching visit. It’s not always that a new and a private college get such an attention as this. Besides educating the students on National Council and the Parliament of Bhutan, His Excellency also interacted very closely with students.

It was a special moment for the students of NRC as they listened to the personal stories that His Excellency brought into the session; stories not just of success which most of us wish for but stories of setbacks and failures which young minds could connect easily with and learn from. His story carried the message “do not quit” no matter what happens. Move on. Remain positive. Long after His Excellency’s visit both students and faculty of NRC marveled at his humility and ‘down to earth’ personality which won over their hearts. Thank you Your Excellency. We will eagerly wait for most visits