Sourav Basu

Sourav Basu

Assistant Professor


Sourav Basu, Sr. Lecturer at Norbuling Rigter College (NRC), Paro is an educator cum trainer who has been working in Bhutan since 2012. Before taking up the current position, he worked as a Lecturer at Royal Thimphu College (RTC) for several years and as a guest lecturer of Management modules at the colleges of Techno-India group in India for few years. He was educated at the West Bengal University of Technology (India) and University of Western Australia (Australia).

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He teaches General Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management modules. To connect theory to practice, Basu is passionate about research and publication and engages in it. His latest international publication is a peer reviewed research paper title “Digital Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges in Recent Times”. He also authored a book titled “Management Theory and Practice”.

Outside the confines of teaching, he resourced symposiums on “Leadership & Management” organized by the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Royal Government of Bhutan and continues to be engaged as a guest trainer for a wide array of management and leadership training programs for the Institute for Excellence and Development (i-ED) and the Institute for Learning Solutions (ILS) in Bhutan. He is also actively engaged in hosting academic events, programme development and delivery, building industry-academia relationships and enhancing academic mobility. Valuing the need for employees to engage in continuous learning and development, Basu has conducted numerous professional development trainings for educators as well as for industry professionals in Australia, Thailand, India, Bhutan and Nigeria.

He has received the title of “World Icon of Peace” from the World Institute for Peace in Lagos, Nigeria for his contribution in promoting Peace Education in Africa. He is the recipient of the prestigious “100 Most Dedicated Professors” award from the World Education Congress for his enormous contribution in the field of education around the world.

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Phone: 08-271313

Email: [email protected]