Dr. Sourav Basu

Dr. Sourav Basu

Assistant Professor


Dr. Sourav Basu has been an educator by choice since January 2011, with a professional presence in Bhutan since July 2012. Currently, he holds the distinguished position of assistant professor at Norbuling Rigter College (NRC) in Paro, Bhutan, where he has been actively engaged as a founding faculty member since July 2017. Before his tenure at NRC, Dr. Basu served as a lecturer at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) in Thimphu, Bhutan, for four years and contributed as a guest lecturer at various colleges within the Techno-India Group in India for approximately one and a half years.

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His academic journey is marked by notable accomplishments, including the completion of a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering, followed by an MBA, a graduate certificate in HR and employment relations, and ultimately, a Ph.D. in management. His educational journey took him through institutions in both India and Australia, helping him gain valuable insights from different educational systems and cultures.

His teaching interests span across diverse areas, encompassing general management, human resource management, and marketing management-related modules. To connect theory to practice, Dr. Basu is passionate about research and has published over a dozen papers in international peer-reviewed journals. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of a member of the editorial board, serving as the international editor for the “Bharati International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development.” Furthermore, he has authored two academic books titled “Management Theory and Practice” and “Organizational Behaviour and Culture”.

Outside the confines of teaching, Dr. Basu has resourced symposia on “Leadership and Management” organized by the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan, and continues to be engaged as a guest-trainer for several management and leadership training programs for the Institute for Excellence and Development (i-ED) and Institute for Learning Solutions (ILS) in Bhutan. He is actively engaged in hosting academic events, program development and delivery, building industry-academia relationships, and enhancing academic mobility. He also possesses a valid professional individual membership with the All India Management Association (AIMA).

Committed to continuous professional development, Dr. Basu has enriched numerous capacity enhancement initiatives through his global engagements, spanning across India, Bhutan, Australia, Nigeria, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. In recognition of his commitment to promoting peace education in Africa, Dr. Basu was bestowed with the distinguished title of “World Icon of Peace” in June 2019 by the World Institute for Peace in Lagos, Nigeria. Additionally, his significant and enduring contribution to the field of education globally was recognized with the esteemed “100 Most Dedicated Professors” award in July 2019 from the World Education Congress. In December 2023, Dr. Basu was honoured with the title of “Asia’s Best Researcher Award of the Year in Management” by Asia Awards, within the category of “Asia’s Best Researcher Award” powered by the World Research Congress, in recognition of his exceptional research work and international publications in the field of management.

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Phone: 08-271313

Email: [email protected]