Kuenzang Dorji

Kuenzang Dorji

Lecturer, Convener of Rigter Conference & Programme Leader for BA in Political Science & Sociologyr


Mr. Kuenzang Dorji is associate lecturer currently serving as the Programme Leader of BA in Political Science and Sociology at Norbuling Rigter College. Mr. Dorji played a key role in the establishment of the BA in Political Science and Sociology in 2019, serving as one of the founding teaching faculty of the Programme. His dedication and expertise were instrumental in the successful launch of the programme, which welcomed an inaugural cohort of 42 students.

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In addition to his role as a Programme Leader, Mr. Dorji serves as a member of the College Research Committee where he actively contributes to the development and implementation of research initiatives within the institution. Additionally, he holds the position of Focal Person for the Erasmus HAPPY Project, further showcasing his dedication to fostering international collaboration and promoting exchange of knowledge and ideas. Currently, he is serving as Convener of the Annual Rigter Conference.

He served as a Staff Advisor to the Forum of Students Voice, a prominent student decision making forum of NRC. This experience has provided him with valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of students, enabling him to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Mr. Dorji’s commitment to academic excellence is exemplified by his pursuit of advanced training in qualitative research from Netherland and Slovenia. With an advanced training in research and a passion for qualitative research methodologies, he has advanced in narrative and ethnographic studies. He has also undergone the training in post graduate certificate. With his experience, commitment to research, and dedication to student development, Mr. Kuenzang Dorji is an asset to our academic community.

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Phone: 08-271313

Email: [email protected]