Chimi Dorji

Chimi Dorji



Mr. Chimi Dorji has a Master degree in Business Administration in Finance from Gaedu College of Business Studies. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree BCom (Accounting) from the same College.

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He is keen on conducting research to enrich his classroom delivery and contribute to knowledge. He researched on two relevant subjects which are “Obstacles in Starting business in Bhutan: Prevented Entrepreneurs” and “Evaluating crowding out effects of borrowing by SOEs on private sector borrowing from Financial Institutions in Bhutan.” Further, he worked as an intern in Shongphu Gewog and shouldered various responsibilities to support the Gewog officials.

The combination of his research, academic and industrial experiences will deeply contribute to the academic and personal development of his students.

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Phone: 08-271313

Email: [email protected]