Alumni Stories

NRC invites all its Alumni to share your stories which will inspire the students studying at NRC.

Send your stories of a maximum of 150 words to [email protected] with your personal details and a photograph, preferably latest and passport size

Tandin Wangdi (Graduate of 2021)

Three years of studying at NRC made me realize the value of staying rooted in the fundamental Bhutanese Values.
The motivational speakers inspired me to search within myself and understand the meaning of life.  Further, the lectures motivated me to explore ideas outside the box. The management and all the staff created an enabling environment for me and all the students to learn, grow and excel. This contributed to my success in BSCE and getting selected to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management at the Royal Institute of Management.
I will miss the serene setting of NRC which is located between two rivers, among the pinewoods and farmhouses with sacred sites in the vicinity. The calmness and soothing sound of the mother nature enthused me to learn and become a responsible person who is committed to serve the Tsa Wa Sum.
I will always cherish the memories of being a NRCean.
NRC, You will always be remembered, thank you for everything!



Sonam Dhendup (Graduate of 2020)

I was among the first cohort of students when the NRC opened as the second private college in Bhutan. Even now I feel proud to be elected as the founding Student President as I had many opportunities to assist and participate in development of an enabling system which facilitated students to realize their potentials.
I cherish beautiful opportunities of representing student body and discussing concerns that mattered to them in the College Management Team. I am grateful to my lectures and NRC staff who groomed and helped me to learn leadership skills and the indispensability of team spirit. This experience enabled me to navigate smoothly after my graduation.
Besides studying at NRC, I am fortunate to receive this opportunity to serve NRC as a Residence Tutor. Now, the journey ahead is to uphold the expectations placed on me by NRC.



Tandin Pem (Graduate of 2021)

I was uncertain if I had the necessary skills to manage my college life outside the safety of my home. But, adjusting to campus life wasn’t difficult as I soon realized that I was living with my second family at NRC, filled with care.
Each individual student come with different expectations and graduate with different experiences. When I joined NRC, I had a very important expectation which was my yearning to meet teachers and friends on whom I can look up as my role model. I was fortunate that I met with teachers who are passionate about their work and who are committed to prepare students into responsible individuals. I was also blessed to have met friends from whom I could learn. I am still very thankful and grateful to my lecturers and friends.
Currently, I am selected in the Top 25 contestants of Miss Bhutan Pageant 2022. I dedicate this to NRC as a humble gesture of my gratitude to my Alma Mater.
I sincerely thank NRC for giving me the necessary roots and strength to navigate the world outside home and college campus.