Dr. Aaditya Pradhan

Dr. Aaditya Pradhan

Senior Lecturer


Dr. Aaditya Pradhan has a Master degree in Business Administration in Finance and Human Resources from Sikkim University. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree BBA (Finance) from the same University. He has completed his Ph.D degree on “Performance Evaluation of Banking in Bhutan using Balanced Scorecard” from Department of Management, Sikkim University.

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After completing his Masters degree, Dr. Aaditya worked as a visiting faculty in the Department of Management at Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University, Sikkim. He has also worked as a part-time teaching faculty at Accelerator Academy, Vision Academy and Smart Academy, Sikkim, India.

He has published three research papers pertaining to performance evaluation of banks operating in Bhutan and Evaluation of Non-Banking Financial Companies of India. He has presented his research papers in National and International conferences in India.Further, he researched and wrote a paper titled “A Study of Need of Microfinance in Southern Bhutan” for the fulfillment of his master degree.

Aaditya worked as an intern under the finance manager of ‘Government Fruit Preservation Factory’, Sikkim. Thus, the combination of his research, academic and industrial experiences will deeply contribute to the academic and personal development of the students.

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Phone: 08-271313

Email: [email protected]